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Dear colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to announce that the journal “Biopesticides International” that started in 2005, having 2 issues per year at present. It is dedicated to the study of biological pesticides with an emphasis on latest integrated developments of the field.

Biopesticides International publishes the studies based on plants, microbial, fungal, predator, parasitoid, and allied materials like bioherbicides and entomopathogenic nematodes including diverse studies of entomological, toxicological, agricultural, biochemical, molecular and biotechnological aspects related to biopesticides, including transgenics as pest control agents. The journal also includes the titles related to governance of biopesticides and publishes papers that could cover issues that are in the realm of socio-political sciences, law and legal instruments, ethics, environmental impacts, etc.

The manuscripts of highest standards are considered with an emphasis on rapid peer reviews to reduce publication time and accordingly electronic submission mode is used to save time.

You are cordially invited to submit manuscripts to Biopesticides International according to the pattern set out in the guidelines. Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor-in chief or respective regional editors.

The first issue of the journal was published in June 2005 and has worldwide distribution. I am sure with your support the journal will make a mark in the field of biopesticide research and will become a leading journal in the field.

The International Journal on Biological Pesticides 

I look forward to your involvement in “Biopesticides International”.

Yours sincerely.

Opender Koul





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