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Aims and Scope

Biopesticides International was started from June 2005 and is covering the field of biopesticides and various allied aspects, pure and applied, related to this field. Over the years both basic and applied experimental research on biopesticides relative to insects and plants has expanded, largely due to search for possibilities of integrated pest control, stimulated also by a growing awareness regarding environmental hazards of conventional chemical control.

As new fields of research have opened up and new approaches established in biopesticide research, this specific journal of biopesticide sciences has an aim to place such studies in a single, relevant and organized form the “Biopesticides International” which has great appeal due to interdisciplinary content. The scope of the journal is broad in the sense that it publishes the latest developments in biopesticidal research based on natural sources like plants, microbes, fungi, predators and parasitoids and allied materials like bio-herbicides and entomopathogenic nematodes including diverse studies of entomological, toxicological, agricultural, biochemical, molecular and biotechnological nature related to biological pesticides. The journal also seeks to promote insect plant interaction studies and manipulation of plant genomes for in vivo production of pesticides that is gaining importance. The journal also has a mandate to include the titles related to governance of biopesticides and to publish papers that could cover issues that are in the realm of socio-political sciences, law and legal instruments, ethics, environmental impacts, etc.



Due to increased resistance of pests to synthetic pesticides, stricter environmental legislations and mounting R&D costs of chemical insecticides, interests in natural insecticides or biopesticides has been expanding continuously in recent years. The plant world is a very important source of natural pesticide compounds and also provides core structures from which new and more effective pest control agents can be developed. Similarly microbials, i.e. viral and bacterial products, compounds or preparations from entomogenous fungi and pest control through predators and parasitoids have provided ample data for further exploitation. Bioherbicides and entomopathogenic nematodes have made an impact in recent years. Recent advances in the development of transgenic crops have opened new avenues to be utilized in integrated pest management programmes. It is well known that number of such studies involve basic, molecular, cellular or tissue level interventions, which stem from laboratory research and agricultural and field extension studies, that constitute the applied aspects of biopesticides. Therefore, it is evident that bulk of studies on biopesticides is increasing and also implies the importance, development and achievements in modern biopesticides and their future.  

       Thus rapid rate of progress in the subject and good promises for important new developments, demand that any such work should be published in a specific journal. “Biopesticides International” is an answer for this that covers all the above-mentioned areas of this field, so that contributions become useful research tools essential for all investigators using biopesticides as experimental material.

       The journal “Biopesticides International” will become an essential source of reference for many years to come for scientists in university departments, agricultural and research institutes, research laboratories in the agrochemical organizations, biotechnological institutes and will be valuable for post graduate students in their university project work on biopesticides.  



The journal Biopesticides International publishes at presnet 2 issues in a volume . Each volume publishes peer-reviewed original full length papers, at least single comprehensive review in each issue and couple of mini reviews.



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Jalandhar, 144003, India
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John D. Stark                                                                                                                                                                                                           Puyallup Research and Extension Center                                                                                                                                        Washington State University, 2606 W. Pioneer, Puyallup, Washington-98371, USA                                                                           Email :

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M. B. Isman

Faculty of Land and Food Systems                                                                                                                     University of British Columbia                                                                                                                               Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z4                                                                                                                             Email:

Tong-Xian Liu
Northwest A & F University
Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China


Philip C. Stevenson
Natural Resource Institute
University of Greenwhich, Kent, ME4 4TB, UK and
Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. TW9 3AB, UK


Cyrus Abivardi, Zurich, Switzerland

Duraid K. Al-Taey, Babeylon, Iraq

Steven Belmain, Kent, UK

Alistair Bishop, Salisbury, UK.

Carlos L. Cespedes, Chillan, Chile

Kamal Chauhan, Maryland, USA

Mukund Deshpande, Pune, India

S. Facknath, Reduit, Mauratius

Qili Feng, Guangzhou, China

Christopher J. Geden, Gainesville, USA

G. T. Gujar, New Delhi, India

Dwayne D. Hegedus, Saskatoon, Canada

Angelika Hilbeck, Zurich, Switzerland       

Hans E. Hummel, Giessen, Germany.

William D. Hutchison, Minnesota, USA

Jorge E. Ibarra, Cinvestav, Mexico

B. L. Jalali, Hissar, India.

Vikas Jindal, Ludhiana, India

Harry K. Kaya, Davis, USA.

G. G. Khachatourians, Saskatoon, Canada

Hoi-Seon Lee, Chonbuk, South Korea

Vijay L. Maheshwari, Jalgaon, MH, India

Sameh A. Mansour, Cairo, Egypt

Daniela M. A. F. Navarro, Recife, PE, Brazil

J. Nawrot, Poznan, Poland.

Maureen O’Callaghan, Christchurch, New Zealand

Sara María Palacios, Cordoba, Argentina

Roman Pavella, Prauge, Czech Republic

Appa Rao Podile, Hyderabad, India

M. Renou, France

Guadalupe Rojas, Mississippi, USA

S. Senthil-Nathan, Tamil Nadu, India

David Shapiro-Ilan, Georgia, USA

Ram Singh, Hisar, India

C. M. Smith, Kansas, USA.

Suresh Walia, New Delhi, India

S. P. Wraight, New York, USA

Hanhong Xu, Guangzhou, China

Types of Contributions







Biopesticides International

The journal publishes articles under 3 categories.

Review Articles (normally by invitation only but welcome suggestions for timely topics and potential authors for reviews are acceptable).

Research Papers (should normally occupy six to ten printed pages; approximately 4000-7000 words).

General articles (based on potential agricultural importance vis-à-vis the problems in agriculture sciences and biopesticide-based data. The general aspects of governance, issues in socio-political, law and legal instruments, ethics, environmental impacts from agricultural perspective will also be considered.





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